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If you are a


professional then the world needs you to come to our rescue.

 We have a crisis of trust in people, products, organisations, processes and our projects. We must come together, now, to find a global solution, utilising all possible instruments including the latest 4th Industrial Revolution technologies of DLT, AI, IoT and 5G, indeed anything you may wish to suggest.


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Your Pledge

I am a supply chain professional and I undertake to collaborate with my colleagues worldwide to resolve this pandemic crisis not just for now, but to help develop a new paradigm for our industry so that we are better prepared for the future.

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We are ready, with over 20 operational team of volunteers like you, to receive and filter your best ideas, get them funded, and rapidly expedite solutions. We are a not-for-profit international think tank with over a decade of leading research focussed in this sector. You can find more at mirrored at which is currently overloaded with media attention.

Please, please, please, help us help the world. Thank you.

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